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Training for First Ironman

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Ironman training brings a whole new intensity to training.  I love working out and I have been running for 20 years.  I thought I was used to hard workouts, but training for my first Ironman is a whole other world.

I am now 7 weeks away from the big day – my first Ironman at Cedar Point, Ohio.  The intensity has turned up and I am experiencing “Firsts” on a regular basis:

A week ago I completed my First Olympic Distance Triathlon – Nickel City Triathlon in Buffalo. This was done to practice putting all the sports together in a race situation.  The event is much shorter than the Ironman, but great practice in doing the transitions and switching gears between the three sports.  The Olympic Distance consists of a 1.5 km swim, a 40km bike and a 10km run.  The highlight of the event for me was my fastest 40km bike, averaging a pace of 34km/hr.  The swim was fine and the run was a bit slow.  Still good enough to place first female overall and closely followed by my amazing training partner, Karen Natho.


My First over-ironman distance swim took place this past Wednesday in the Welland Canal.  A 5.2km swim from the Flatwater Centre to the 406 bridge and back was lovely!  Thanks to Scott Gibson, who joined me in the endurance swim.  Now the 3.8 km ironman swim seems manageable!  This was great practice for the long distance, as well as for the mental challenges that arise in the open water.  There was a pleasant current that assisted me to the bridge, however on the homeward journey that same current made the swim more challenging.  At one point the wind picked up significantly and I wondered if I was moving forwards at all.  A quick glance behind me showed me that I had not moved nearly as far from the bridge as I had thought.  A moment of panic and then I was able to refocus and pick one tree at a time on shore to pass.  I assured myself that I was in fact making some progress and I was able to complete the swim in 1:29:14.

My First over-ironman distance ride took place yesterday with Karen Natho.  We had an epic 207 km bike ride around the full circumference of the Niagara Region.  We visited Grimsby, Dunnville, Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake.  We appreciated our lovely region and smashed the 180km ironman distance ride, something that had seemed impossible a couple of months ago, when 120km felt like a mammoth feat.

Today I am taking a day off.  I had planned to do my long run today, but family needed me and I needed time with them!  A rest day is important too.  Finally time to write a blog post.

Tomorrow I will be up early to get in the long run that I lacked this past week…