After Workout Snack Ideas: Skewers

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After a workout, it’s great to have a tasty satisfying snack. I mean, it’s great to have a tasty snack before too, but let’s not get distracted.

Easy after workout snack ideas: skewers. For some reason, impaling your food on a sharpened stick makes it extra tasty. Makes it look fancy too. I mean, I could toss my cheese cubes and grape tomatoes into a container to roll around, and it would taste just as good, but somehow it wouldn’t be the same. So: tiny bit of prep to cut things into bite size pieces; tiny bit of violence to jam a stick through the middle, and voila! all fancied up.

Idea #1a: the aforementioned Cheese Cubes and Grape Tomatoes. Easy. Gets you something soft with something that explodes in your mouth. Some cheesy goodness and a nice burst of tomato juiciness. Who doesn’t like that?

Idea #1b: Cantaloupe with Ham Slices. This is a traditional Italian pairing (well, probably prosciutto if I’m completely honest, but I’m not really feeling “prosciutto”-fancy today). The sweet juiciness of the cantaloupe goes surprisingly well with the saltiness of the ham. Bit of protein, bit of sweetness. Yes, please!

Store your skewers in a bento lunch box and you’re good to go.

Bonus benefit: after your snack is done you can use the skewer to pick your teeth, or (even better) to poke your children.

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