Back to Back Marathons - 2 Marathons in 13 Days

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Turning 40 demands a statement.  What about doing back to back marathons?!

My years may be increasing, but my determination and my resolve are only growing stronger, not weaker, with age.  I ran Boston a couple of weeks before the big birthday – that was my way of anticipating the dreaded 40.  Then, when my friend, also newly 40, decided to run the Mississauga Marathon, a mere 13 days after Boston, I thought – let’s live wild and help pace her through that marathon.  Karen was setting out to qualify for her first Boston Marathon.  I have never run two marathon’s back to back before.  It isn’t exactly recommended…but I figured, if one marathon is good, then two marathons can only be better.  Let’s defy this whole aging thing and stare it down into submission.

So, I did it.  I ran Mississauga Marathon this past Sunday May 4th with Karen Natho (Nate).  I loved it!  My goal was to help Nate get a Personal Best (PB) – specifically to finish in 3:30.  This would give her a 22minute PB.  I am so pleased to say we accomplished this.  The last 10km were difficult after fighting through some tough windy sections.  Nate dug deep and kept going, though I could tell she was hurting.  It was fun to be in the place of assisting a fellow runner.  I have had so many friends encourage and support me in my running over the years.  Now I was there to do whatever I could to motivate, challenge, assist Nate to get to that finish line in her goal time.

I have to say it was also enjoyable to run a marathon without the pressure of trying to beat my own times.  I was enjoying the run and the only pressure on me was to make sure I paced my friend properly.

Two marathons in two weeks was great.  I do need to ensure I recover properly now.

Some insights on how to run Back to Back Marathons:

  1. Take lots of epsom salts baths:  Focus on recovery after the first Marathon.  Take epsom salts baths to clear out the waste products and loosen up the muscles.
  2. Do yoga:  Stretch and more stretching.
  3. Get a massage.
  4. Do easy runs between the two marathons to keep the legs loose.  After some marathons I have taken the entire following week off from running.  Between my two marathons I opted for easy runs to keep my legs moving and muscles from tightening up.
  5. Following the two marathons I will take time to do cross-training.  This week I will focus on swimming and do more cycling, giving my legs a break from the pounding of running.  I want to allow weak stress points in my bones and muscles to heal before doing any more intense running.

I have to admit, I am already dreaming of the next Marathon.  I have not chosen one yet…which one will it be?!
I can honestly say, I can’t wait for the next one!



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