Bamiru - the Bare Minimum Run

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bare minimum run

You know how sometimes, occasionally, it’s a tiny bit challenging to motivate yourself to get out the door and do your run?

It could be that I’m the only one who ever feels this way, and if so then please excuse my ramblings, but maybe you also occasionally feel less than excited by the prospect of pulling on running clothes and schlepping around outside in the cold, sweating and spitting and stumbling all over the sidewalk.

One of my best tricks for getting out there when I really don’t feel like going there (or anywhere) is what I call the ‘bare minimum run’, or bamiru for short.

The bamiru is a run that you know you can do, even if it’s late and you’re a bit under the weather and you’re not feeling ambitious or even motivated. It’s the quick run around the block that you can squeeze in between events or first thing in the morning or even late at night, right before bed, because darn it, today’s Wednesday and I’m supposed to run on Wednesdays and I really can’t skip because I skipped Monday’s run.

You know you can do the bamiru because you’ve done it lots of times. Or maybe just a couple of times. But the point is you ran it before and didn’t die, so you know you can do it again. And you probably won’t die this time, either.

The bamiru has saved me a thousand times (or maybe more like three times) when I REALLY didn’t feel like running but I knew I had to because I had eaten seven donuts earlier that day. I don’t want to run, but I know that I can at least do a quick bamiru and get it over with.

SO– let’s break down the elements of the bamiru:

Bare: Not literally. No naked bamirus if you please. No, bare just means no special prep, just go out the door. Nothing fancy. No muss, no fuss. Just a run.

Minimum: If you can’t do anything else, at least you can do this. You’d like to do less, but you can’t, so you might as well do the minimum.

Run: That’s what it is. A run. AKA moving legs fast.

So, in conclusion, let us all embrace the mighty bamiru for the running blessings it bestows upon us, even when we are not in a running mood.

James Moffett

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I'm married to Janine and constantly amazed at her energy and enthusiasm, not only as it relates to her running! This year I've started to run again (after a long hiatus) as I pursue a personal goal to get "Fit by Forty". I'm a web designer by day and I'm the guy who makes this site work, and the guy to blame when it isn't working. I'm especially excited that Janine and I have been able to combine our interests (running and web design) for this site!

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