Bento Box Lunch #1

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bento lunch

In my never-ending quest to find tasty food that won’t make me (that much) fatter, I’ve become a fan of the bento box trend.

A Japanese invention, bento boxes are single-person meals in a box, either as take-out from a restaurant or packed from home. Traditionally they held rice, fish, and vegetables; today bento boxes can hold whatever food you like.

My bento box lunch held the following things:

Chicken Wraps & Olives
-sliced chicken & mayo on a tortilla, rolled up & sliced
Celery and Tomatoes
-celery with smoked salmon cream cheese; cherry tomatoes
Beansprouts & Scrambled Egg
-beansprouts; 2 beaten eggs cooked until firm and sliced; diced avocado; hot sauce
Sweets Stuff
-yogurt dipped pretzels; dried papaya, strawberry

Very yummy stuff! And looking very cool in my Laptop Lunches lunchbox.


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