Swim Training

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Time to get serious in the pool with longer swim workouts.  With my sights on open water swimming and summer triathlons, I am focusing my swim training on increasing my endurance over longer distances.  Today’s workout totaled 4.1 km and focused on lengthening my stroke and slowing down my arm cadence.  I have a high arm turnover and a strong kick, which means I do well at the shorter fast distances, but I need to learn to translate that speed to longer stretches.  I get into oxygen debt too quickly as I am working harder than I should with my quick turnover.  I am preparing for the half ironman this summer in Muskoka on July 10th and possibly a longer open water race (dare I try a 10km race?)

I had fun in the pool with my “swim toys”; hand paddles make me work harder as I push more water, strengthening muscles, improving technique and slowing down my stroke.  The paddles are an excellent tool to assist in my goal of getting more power out of each stroke.

Here is the workout I did this weekend (Designed by Karen Natho):

  • Warm-up:  15 x 50m on 1 minute (3 pull, 3 back/breast, 3 fly/free, 3 kick, 3 free)
  • 250m Long Stroke focus with hand paddles
  • 2 x 300m with last 25m of every 100m head up front crawl
  • 2 x 600m on 1:45 pace
  • 2 x 250m decrease cadence every 50m, starting at normal rate for first 50m
  • 8 x 50m kick on 1:05
  • 250m long stroke with paddles and drag legs
  • 150m cooldown

It is important to keep it fun in the pool with swim accessories and new bathing suits.  Check out the new Speedo Swim Suits at Trysport Niagara, inspired by the upcoming Rio Olympics – ready for sun and fun.  The bathing suit I am wearing is perfect for outdoor swimming, as the back is cut-away to allow for better tanning (eliminate those annoying tan circles on the back).  This suit did well at staying in place, despite its open design.  It did not shift for flip turns or while pushing off the wall. I recommend this suit if you are looking for something different.




Ironman Cycling a Go….

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A full Ironman race is certainly a lofty goal. I have questioned whether I am actually up for this challenge. It was a long winter and though I did lots of running and swimming, I only did very minimal cycling. Finally, I am adding the third component to my training after the long cold winter.  With the arrival of spring it is time to get my ironman cycling on. There is nothing like the added excitement of some new gear that is going to get me flying!

Anyone who has done an Ironman will tell you that it is both a time commitment and a financial challenge.  I have had to figure out how to pursue this dream on a very limited budget. As the cycling portion of the ironman is 180km and takes up the longest time in the race, having a triathlon bike will make a huge impact on my race.  After selling my road bike and having the input from Wolf and Barb at Trysport, an affordable option was available.  Thank you to Trysport for building a Devinci tribike for me that is affordable, but definitely a step up from my road bike!  I am excited to wear the Aktiv Life colours and be a part of their team.

Today was my first ride on the new wheels.  I did a 50km solo ride up the escarpment in Niagara-On-The-Lake, with the scenic Parkway and beautiful sunshine.  It was very peaceful and I felt like I was flying (especially when the wind was at my back!)  I am becoming more educated on bikes and have several adjustments to make to get the fit perfect, but overall the bike is great.

One of the great benefits of the triathlon is the cross-training element.  My legs have been verging on some injuries – with tight hamstrings and some continued pain in my right heel.  I opted to take the weekend off from running, however, not from training, as I was able to get a solid workout in with the bike.  With that change in stress, I am hoping the legs will be fresh for some solid run workouts this coming week.


My New Treadmill

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The Race series win provided a sweet prize – some money that I put towards a new training tool!  I have been longing for a treadmill for years – and here it is.  My wonderful new training machine -Read my Livestrong Treadmill – LS8.OT Review–  for those track workouts that I cannot safely do at 5:30am outside anymore.  During the track workout I did last week, I was running blind on half of the track, as there were no lights on the back side of the track.  A little dangerous.

I also remember the day last winter when I fell at about 600m into my run on some black ice.  I hobbled home disoriented after walking to meet a training partner.  I ended up with a concussion and my training buddies all received multiple wounds on that run, not heeding my warning to turn back home after my initial fall.

What has surprised me is how much the rest of my family is using the treadmill!  My 8 year old son ran for 40 min straight after we had set it up!  My daughter has agreed to run twice a week to increase her fitness for her dance – her real passion.  She is choosing the treadmill over outside running (the television may have something to do with this decision).