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James, aged almost 38, jokes that his goal  is “Fat by Forty”.   He is confident in his self worth, so he can joke about the fact that he has steadily been gaining weight over the past 16 years of our marriage.  James never lost the baby weight of our three children (those sympathy pounds that he accumulated) whereas I did.  Truth be told, James really does want to become more healthy and he often starts diets or runs for even a month here and there, but then the stresses of life take over – or minecraft time cuts into his training and resolve.

James just told me that he would like to run a marathon one day.  He ran a half marathon when he was 22, just after we were married.  James went for the family hike on Thanksgiving Monday and he needed to take a two hour nap when we came home.  He realizes that without some serious effort, he will not be able to keep up with his children for much longer.

Can we change his trajectory – and make his new successful goal “Fit by Forty”?  What can we say to motivate James?  James is considering joining this website, with his story of gaining fitness and being the average man who wants to become more fit.  We have dreams and plans, such as a multiple day bike tour of PEI or multiple day hikes in new and exotic places.  Without some training, these possibilities will not be attainable for James.

James’ comments:

So I feel a need to weigh in here (haha, get it? weigh in? …nevermind). Let me state firstly that this whole thing is my idea. I can’t help but feel inspired when I see Janine and all the other incredibly fit people out there “running for the thrills”. For me, at this point, running is less “thrilling” and more “painfully excruciating”… but maybe with some encouragement and the added social pressure of making my progress public, I might be able to muscle my way past the painful part to get to the thrilling part?

I’m motivated to make my “fit by forty” journey public because I hope that my own experiences will be an encouragement to some of you out there who, like me, are not as fit as you wish you were. If I feel like I’m partnering with people out in internet land on the goal of increased fitness, I know it will help me follow through with my own goals. And hey, if I can do it, anyone can!

Ok, I’m off to do my first run in a while. I’ll report back tomorrow…

(Bonus pic: wow, I used to be skinny.)

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