Happy Trails for Kevin

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Kevin Arnold and Andrew Bridgeman, running down Hydro Hill at the end of the 6km Trail Race.  Photo by Skyler Goudswaard.

Kevin Arnold took to the trails last weekend. He went from a wannabe runner to the real deal. After talking about doing a trail race for years (since we started working together over three years ago!) , Kevin participated in his first ever trail race! On November 15th, Kevin pulled through and explored the lovely trails behind Brock University as part of the 6km Aktiv Trail race. Kevin actually came to my rescue, when a case of plantar fascitiis meant that I could not participate in my scheduled trail race. Kevin was now registered (by me) to run this race and finally put some actual motion into all that talk!

Janine: Kevin, why did you decide to run a trail race in the middle of November? How long has trail running been a goal of yours?

Kevin: I was told I had to by you! It has actually been a goal for a long time and here was a good excuse to get started.

J: What was the most enjoyable part of the 6km trail race?

K: The end!

J: What was the worst moment in the race?

K: The first 3km. I swear they were measured long. There is a long uphill climb in the first half of the race, which is challenging. Wolf (race organizer) said it was a pretty easy course, but I’d have to disagree!

J: How did you prepare for this first trail race?

K: I bought tights and went to bed really early the night before.

J: How do you like running in tights?!

K: Well I have great legs so, yeah it was nice.

J: What are your future running/training plans?

K: Try and run at least twice a week on the trails.

J: Advice to other novice/wannabe runners?

K: Stop making excuses. Sometimes it takes someone forcing you to get out there to actually do it.

J: So I know I kind of twisted your arm into doing this race, but are you glad you ran it and will you run more?

K: Very glad. I’m planning to sign up for the entire race series next year.

J: Was the racing experience what you expected? (this being your first trail race ever)

K: It was pretty much what I expected. I didn’t train so I knew it would be harder than I would have liked it to be, but I managed to run the entire race.

J: That is very impressive without any training! What was your final time?

K: My final time was 32:27. I had told you I was going to break 30min, but with the hills and rough footing, it is a challenging course and I didn’t quite make it. I felt good with my effort.

J: That is an impressive time considering you did no training at all! Many people would not even get up that escarpment hill without training, so you should be proud! Definitely you need to keep at this thing; there is a future for you in trail running for sure!



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