Muddy, Gutsy Trail Run to Win the Series

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Race up Hill

A fantastic day: the rain was relentless, the mud puddles large and the race route had a mud slide of a hill to summit at km 4.   A rope was necessary to scale the escarpment hill.  These obstacles did not slow the athletes as they ran the 5km course through Fireman’s Park and the Bruce trail, in Niagara Falls.  This was the final race of a series of six, organized by the St. Catharine’s Road Runners.

It was a great ending to the series, for the women especially.  Unlike the men’s races,which had been consistently led by Kevin Moore, the women’s races had been a constant, fun battle between Amanda McLeod and myself.  We pushed each other in the races and we entered this race, completely tied for points.  The winner of this race was taking the whole series.  Amanda set out at a solid pace and led for a km and a half, at which point I passed her and worked on increasing the lead over the next few kms.  Trail races have been surprisingly good for me and I think I had the advantage due to confidence on trail.


Janine Moffett

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I am a mother of three incredible children, work full time as an instructor therapist, and love to run. I have run 11 marathons, with a personal best of 2:57. This past April I ran my third Boston Marathon. I love challenges and began exploring the world of triathlons in 2014. I completed my first half Ironman at Muskoka in fall 2014 and came first in my age group. Now I am taking on the challenge of a Full Ironman, which I am planning for September, 2015. I believe we need to keep trying new things and embrace life to the fullest. I hope I can provide inspiration and insights to others.


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      Do you mind if I include a photo of you in a post?

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