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The Race series win provided a sweet prize – some money that I put towards a new training tool!  I have been longing for a treadmill for years – and here it is.  My wonderful new training machine -Read my Livestrong Treadmill – LS8.OT Review–  for those track workouts that I cannot safely do at 5:30am outside anymore.  During the track workout I did last week, I was running blind on half of the track, as there were no lights on the back side of the track.  A little dangerous.

I also remember the day last winter when I fell at about 600m into my run on some black ice.  I hobbled home disoriented after walking to meet a training partner.  I ended up with a concussion and my training buddies all received multiple wounds on that run, not heeding my warning to turn back home after my initial fall.

What has surprised me is how much the rest of my family is using the treadmill!  My 8 year old son ran for 40 min straight after we had set it up!  My daughter has agreed to run twice a week to increase her fitness for her dance – her real passion.  She is choosing the treadmill over outside running (the television may have something to do with this decision).


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