GPS Running watch

Get your Running Stats with Ease and Grace

The Garmin Forerunner 10 is the GPS watch that every runner can afford and operate with ease.

  • Training Effectiveness

  • This is an entry level GPS watch that does the basics well – it gives your pace, distance, time and calories burned while running.  It is simple to use, so perfect for a beginner runner who simply wants to know their running stats.  It has a virtual pace feature, that allows you to chose your target pace and will then alert you when you are too quick or too slow (great for a race situation where you have a target pace). The watch can be set to chime at every km (or mile – you select the unit) and it will give your average pace over that past km.  At the conclusion of your run, you get a summary of your workout, with total time, distance, calories and average pace.  It also records your record times (fastest km, 5km, half marathon, etc.)

    This watch does not come with heart rate function.  It also only displays two stats on the screen at a time (i.e. while running it can show you pace and distance, to get time and calories, you need to scroll to the next screen).  My previous watch displayed three stats on the main screen, which I much preferred.

  • Stylishness

  • This watch looks great to runners and non-runners alike.  I can wear this watch to work and not feel like I have a huge technical device on my arm, like the older GPS watches.  It comes in a variety of stylish colours, it is comfortable and the size is perfect.  My personal favourite is the white and green version.
  • Affordability

  • This is an affordable technical watch.  If you are on a budget, this is the watch for you.  It gives you the basics that you need for a great price (approx. $140).

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