The Grid Roller

Keeping Muscles Healthy and Happy

  • Training Effectiveness

  • A massage tool that uses body weight to apply pressure to your muscles.  Works effectively to massage hard to reach muscles and increase blood flow.  Much more effective than hand held massage tools; by using body weight, the massage gets much deeper and muscles tightness is quickly released. The bumps are meant to mirror the feeling of human hands. Using this tool added in significant pain relief from runner’s knee as it loosened tight muscles pulling on the knee.
  • Stylishness

  • The Grid foam roller is smaller than traditional rollers and easier to transport; handy for taking along to races and training groups.
  • Affordability

  • Priced at around $50, it is cheaper than a massage. As a one time expense that will be used frequently, it is a worthwhile investment.  It is a bit more expensive than other foam rollers, however, it is more durable, not breaking down as quickly nor losing it’s shape.

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