Runner Profile: Annette Lyons

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Introducing Annette Lyons, newly married and brimming over with excitement and optimism for her new found passion, running!  Annette started running six months ago – braving the outdoors in the middle of February and falling in love with her new found sport.  The gym was a familiar place to Annette, who had been doing the cardio machines and various classes at the YMCA, BUT  it wasn’t until she started running that she could “see the weight flying off”.  After being pestered by a friend for a good month to run outside with her, Annette took the risk.  And it was worth it:  “I couldn’t believe that I ran what I ran on my first day outside running.”  Annette was smart about it, beginning slowly.  Her first run was 10 sets of running for 1 min and walking for 1 min.

Annette is truly a success story.  Today she runs 5km, three to four times per week, without walk breaks.  She has lost 25 – 30 lbs, gone from a size 9 to a size 5.  “People noticed for sure!  Those encouraging comments kept me going.”    When describing the changes running has brought to her life, weight loss is only one of many.  Annette states that she has improved energy.  Her moods are more balanced, she is calmer, better able to rationalize things, which helps her in her home and hectic work life.  She is able to keep stress at bay.  Confidence levels have gone way up.  As she lost weight, she had to buy a whole new wardrobe and she also improved her diet naturally.

There are challenges along the way:  Annette had sore knees, but with the input of physiotherapy, acupuncture, and an osteopath for alignment issues, she is conquering this challenge.  It took time to build up endurance, at times longer than she expected, but she kept going.  When asked what kept her going when she just didn’t feel like running, Annette says initially it was the desire to fit into her wedding dress, but then she states “I grew to love it so much that I just did it.  Even when my friend stopped running, my internal motivation kept me going.”  As long as she gets up out of bed, has the coffee on and takes three sips, she will be able to get out there to run, even at 5:30am.  It’s worth it for “how amazing I feel when I get to work at 8:30am and I’ve already done my workout.”

There are future goals to keep Annette going.  First of all, she simply “wants to keep running” (even now that the wedding dress motivation is gone!)  She wants to increase her running distance and sign up for a race.  Running has made her want to start exploring other outdoor activities, such as biking and even surfing!  Annette will have lots of opportunities to explore the great outdoors, as she starts a new adventure moving to Vancouver Island, BC in three weeks!

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