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Running Competitions are for everyone.

I believe that all runners, from novice to experienced, to elite runners, benefit from running races.  Races come in all forms and variations.  Road races, trail races, relay races (teams of people divide up the overall race distance – i.e. The Cabot Trail Relay), survival races (i.e. Tough Mudder) and other new races are making appearances all the time (i.e. Color Me Rad) Races give focus to your training and keep you going when your motivation is lagging.  Races are a great celebration of your hard work and a time to connect with other athletes.  The focus of your own personal races can vary dramatically as well, from simply finishing a certain distance to having a particular time goal in mind or to finishing in a certain position.  The fear that the words “race” or “competition” many instill in some of us (me included) is worth facing.  The race experience is life enhancing and the jitters I feel on race morning (or even the evening before) are well worth conquering.

My race season for 2013 is quickly drawing to a close.  I have only three trail races left in the Aktiv Trail Race Series for my race line in 2013.

I have had some real highlights this past year:

  • Winning the Mississauga Marathon in May and breaking 3 hours – 2:58:23
  • Winning the St. Catharines Road Runners Race Series – a variety of distances from 5km to half marathon, with a mixture of road and trail races
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So excited to Win the Marathon

I am excited to be planning for my 2014 training and racing season. My focus races are highlighted and the races in between are meant as building up and preparing for the focus races.  I will evaluate as time goes on if I need to eliminate some of the less important races, due to other life commitments or for the sake of the key races.

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  • Aktiv Trail Race Series

2014 is the year of the triathlon and my 40th birthday.  I have contemplated the triathlon for years, so a milestone birthday, as well as friends who are training with me, are making me finally commit to this goal.  I challenge you to consider what new goal or new adventure you will embrace in the coming months and to go for it!  Join me in some of these races and let me know which races you are doing!

See you out there on the roads and trails.

Janine Moffett

About Janine Moffett

I am a mother of three incredible children, work full time as an instructor therapist, and love to run. I have run 11 marathons, with a personal best of 2:57. This past April I ran my third Boston Marathon. I love challenges and began exploring the world of triathlons in 2014. I completed my first half Ironman at Muskoka in fall 2014 and came first in my age group. Now I am taking on the challenge of a Full Ironman, which I am planning for September, 2015. I believe we need to keep trying new things and embrace life to the fullest. I hope I can provide inspiration and insights to others.


  • Dave Smith says:

    Sub 30 min 8 km at the Robbie Burns. Care to join me ?

  • Joe Zack says:

    Tough Mudder in August… sure not a race, and not something a runner as serious as yourself is usually interested in, but a blast none the less… plus you would have a great shot at being first across the line.

  • Brian says:

    I’m planning on doing the robbie burns with my wife and have allready registered for atb. see you there

    • Janine Moffett Janine Moffett says:

      Sounds like the half marathon was just the beginning for you…moving up to 30k and before you know it a full marathon!

  • Nate Nate says:

    Janine: Seeing your 2014 line up to celebrate your 40th year is quite outstanding, I do not think I can keep up with you with all the training and prep …. I am excited to hang out with you through the running season and celebrate with you all your successes.

    • Janine Moffett Janine Moffett says:

      Nate – It may be a bit ambitious (some of the smaller races may get eliminated) – I am sure we’ll have fun racing a few of them together….and training together is the best part, right!

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