This thing is gonna happen! (My Fit By Forty update)

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Yep, I’m still lumbering forward with my ‘Fit by Forty’ goal, and it’s going pretty well, all things considered. I’m not ‘fit’ yet, but I’m not forty yet, so it’s all good!

Celebrating my 39th birthday two days ago highlighted how little time I have left to reach my goal, and helped me clarify a few things.


How will I know if I made my goal? At what point is a person considered ‘fit’? Is it when your old pants fit? When your wife says, ‘hey baby, you are looking fit!‘? When you don’t gasp for air after climbing the stairs from the basement to jump into bed, lying there in the dark, listening to your heart pounding, wheezing, considering your own mortality in the dark, thinking of that book you read where the guy died of a heart attack after carrying his groceries up flight of stairs to his apartment and then just laid there on the couch and watched his ice cream melt and died? Or maybe he didn’t die, you can’t quite remember, but you do know that you’ve got to get in better shape because it’s hard to wheeze quietly here in bed in the dark so you don’t wake up your wife?

Well, instead of making the fitness goal something ambiguous that I worry about late at night, I’ve decided that if I were to run a half-marathon, most people would agree that I would have reached a moderately adequate level of fitness. So that’s my goal- a half-marathon before next November 9th.


I’ve been encouraged in my decision to use running as my primary method of achieving said moderately adequate level of fitness.

Running certainly gives you the most bang for your buck – I go out the door and I’m immediately burning calories. I don’t have to drive anywhere or meet anyone else, I just start walking really fast and next thing I know I’m running. Easy as that.

I’ve kept at it too! My knee has been bothering me a bit, but I haven’t let it stop me, which I think is a good sign. I’ve actually run consistently since we got back from our hike in August, with my longest run up to 7 km, and my pace improving steadily.

And, what do you know, I actually like running about 50% of the time. Today I ran on the path near our house (as I usually do) and the sun was shining and the birds were singing and I wasn’t huffing too hard yet, and I just had to pause and take a picture of the path because it was so lovely. (The picture at the top of this post.)


I’ve really got to improve my eating habits. This is gonna be the hardest part, since I really do like to eat, especially things that aren’t good for me, like a dozen donuts in one sitting, or four bowls of ice cream, one after the other. (Just joking! I haven’t eaten that much unhealthy food in a LONG time! It’s been at least a week.)

So, yeah. That’s the state of things for me. Feeling positive. And excited. And hungry. But mostly positive.

James Moffett

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I'm married to Janine and constantly amazed at her energy and enthusiasm, not only as it relates to her running! This year I've started to run again (after a long hiatus) as I pursue a personal goal to get "Fit by Forty". I'm a web designer by day and I'm the guy who makes this site work, and the guy to blame when it isn't working. I'm especially excited that Janine and I have been able to combine our interests (running and web design) for this site!


  • sue says:

    Hey James…good luck with your training…you can do it….just keep running and drinking those great smoothies you are always preparing! my husband, vince, started cycling and he always reminds me how hard it is and painful, but loves the great cardio it gives him.

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