Treadmill Workouts to Survive in the Winter

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Winter has hit us hard in Ontario, with snow storms, ice storms and extreme cold.  The treadmill has been a necessity for me this winter.  It has definitely been worth the investment.  Treadmill workouts do have the danger of becoming rather boring and monotonous.  Here are some quick treadmill fixes – workouts that are effective and keep life interesting.  Below are several workouts that keep me going during these winter months:

After a one mile warmup:

  1. Hill Workout:  Marathon Pace run with Hills – set treadmill to your goal marathon, run two minutes on flat, then increase the incline to 8% for one minute, bring treadmill back down to zero incline.  Repeat this three minute cycle for 10 – 15 times (start with 10 and increase each week).  Solid hill workout at your target pace.  This gets tough by the end.  If necessary take 30 sec. at a slower pace after the hill and then increase the treadmill speed back up to marathon pace.  Ideally the pace will stay the same throughout the workout, once you are ready for it!
  2. Speed Pick  ups:  Run at a moderate pace for 2 min, then increase speed to FAST (i.e. 400m pace) for 1 min.  Allow  yourself to jog for 1 min, pick up the pace to moderate speed for 2min minute and then 3rd minute back up to FAST. Repeat for 8 – 15 times.
  3. Mile Repeats:  Miles at 10km goal race pace (challenging pace).  5 x (1 mile, with 1 min rest).
  4. Tempo Run:  Goal tempo pace for target number of miles.  Split it up with 1 min rest after every 2 miles if necessary.

Cool Down with one mile.  Quality workout now accomplished!

Janine Moffett

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I am a mother of three incredible children, work full time as an instructor therapist, and love to run. I have run 11 marathons, with a personal best of 2:57. This past April I ran my third Boston Marathon. I love challenges and began exploring the world of triathlons in 2014. I completed my first half Ironman at Muskoka in fall 2014 and came first in my age group. Now I am taking on the challenge of a Full Ironman, which I am planning for September, 2015. I believe we need to keep trying new things and embrace life to the fullest. I hope I can provide inspiration and insights to others.

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  • Brian Barclay says:

    I don’t have a treadmill but when I can’t drag myself outside (which has been a fair bit over the holidays due to ice storms and family commitments) I find getting on my bike (on the trainer) to be a good substitute. After several days without a run replaced by time on the bike I ran my fastest pace on 8 k, 4:15. It goes to show rest and variety can be huge. Back on the road now though, 50k over the last 6 days.

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