Well Done Mississauga Marathon

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A review of the Mississauga Marathon by Karen Natho.  Karen ran a personal best at the marathon on Sunday.  She ran a 3:30:40 marathon – a very impressive personal best of 22minutes and a qualifying time for Boston.

Well done Karen!

* * *

The Mississauga Marathon has never been a race that I considered running, perhaps because of the time of the year, the location or the start time… if it was not for my running friend speaking so highly about the race venue, route and atmosphere I would never have considered it…. the clincher was that it was a Boston Qualifier race, which was a spring goal.

Here are 10 things about the race that were highlights (and perhaps lowlights):

  1. The great race kit at pick up. The initial bag of treats, from Cadbury’s easter cream eggs to a choice of shirt size, to all the freebees (dog food, Cold-FX, gardening supplies) that you could add to the bag while walking around the expo was amazing. I was there picking up for 6 other runners, who commented afterwards that this was one of the best race kits they had ever gotten.
  2.   Loads of parking and a row of endless port-a-potties at the start line… I was able to park meters from the start line…a  rarity in running races!
  3. A local and provincial celebrity Hazel McCallion – mayor of Mississauga for 35 years, 93 years strong, starting the race and waving, smiling to all the runners as you passed her !
  4. The unbelievable houses (or should I say mansions) that we passed in the first section of the race, I never knew that there were homes like that in Mississauga (as I usually only pass by on the QEW and 403 to get somewhere).
  5. The abundance of water stations, the race website states every 2 km, but there were only 1km apart. Before you could think about wanting water, there was a friendly volunteer asking you if you wanted Gatorade or water! No need to carry water… thanks for the advice run buddy!
  6. Going on and off of the waterfront trail in the second half was lovely. It was a route of always changing scenery and the number of volunteers on the route made it practically impossible to get off track.
  7. The first site of Lake Ontario as you turned from a small street onto the trail, it looked so inviting, that my run buddy, actually said she would consider jumping in… not an option as we had a race to finish.
  8. The gel stations towards the end, it was nice to have the option of grabbing more than 1. I have been to many races where they restrict one gel per runner… here they were encouraging you to take more, and asking you if you had a favour preference. On a side note, I did carry 3 gels with me, of which I took 1 at 12km, another at 24km, and forced ½ a gel into me at 34km…  the gels I did take were handed off to my run buddy. I had a stomach ache for the last 10km, I believe the words “I think I might vomit” were said a few times. So the sensation of having to hold the gels were not making things better…
  9. Chocolate milk and changing stations at the finish line… needed the milk to start to feel human again and no line ups to get the pre-packed dry warm clothes.
  10. The warm waiting bus (a walk that felt long after the long run, but certainly not as far as the website implied) that left and headed right back where we parked immediately afterwards.

Well done Mississauga… will I consider doing this race again? Absolutely, however NOT next year as I am heading to BOSTON!!

Karen (Nate) Natho

About Karen (Nate) Natho

Karen is an accomplished triathlete, runner and mother of three. She is pursing new goals in the marathon, having recently qualified for Boston, and is completing a Half Ironman in Syracuse in June. Karen is passionate about sports, fitness and shares this love with her children at home and at work at the Niagara Children's Centre.

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